House Painting Cost What’s Realistic

A painting estimate has the potential to be tricky business for house painting cost. You may assume that the more you pay for work done on your home or business property, the better the work may be. But one (high pricing) does not necessarily preclude the other (great work). Also, a property owner may be enchanted by the idea of getting away with work at a low price. But that often leads into two directions: periodic increases of the original estimate during work, or just poor workmanship and materials.

Painting estimate: call 919-510-0140 for a free estimate on the house painting cost of your home. We give you honest pricing.

The worst thing about a low-balled painting estimate is that it often turns out to be a lie of sorts. Too much contract work has the nasty reputation of augmenting the original price as the work goes on. This is something not to be tolerated, and avoided at all costs. Or, a low-balled price point can stay true to its low costs, but what is the real price is that work lasts half as long as it should, or if the coat of paint just does not look like it should? It is like buying a cheap used car: sure, it’s cheap in the beginning, but what are the long-term costs when you constantly have to fix it? Your best bet is to make a proper investment in your home that will last for many, many years without any headaches with a look that is precisely what you have always had in mind.

Here is what is included in our free painting estimate:

  • Honesty and integrity: You know that when we give you our number we stick to it and there are absolutely no tricks involved. To us, schemes involving price manipulation is a whole other can of worms that we just do not dabble in. If more companies focused on quality work and paint rather than tricks then we would have more legitimate competition. Call us immediately for your painting estimate, completely free.
  • Policy: We carry a policy that we instill into all of our employees from the very beginning to ensure total quality and backup what we already expect. It entails full customer service, quality paint, leading technical training and a commitment to the exact right paint for your home or business.
  • Paint options: This is, after all, why we are here. We offer all kinds of paint to suit the precise needs – and all of them – of you, your family or your business. We offer healthy, eco-friendly paint that does not contain some of the various toxins found in certain types of paint. The toxins found in some paints: formaldehyde, benzene and mercury to name a few, can cause trouble for unborn babies as well as irritate asthma and allergies. Let us tell you your options in our complimentary painting estimate.

You name the service, and we can deliver on that wish. We are a top-grade company and we want to show you the way to all that your home can be. Our painting estimate will be of a fabulous value. We will review what you hope to achieve in a fresh and new coat, and we may be able to offer some ideas to maximize whatever vision you may have for your home or business. We look forward to working with you and improving your property’s total appeal.

Get your free painting estimate919-510-014. Go with the right painters the first time around.

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